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Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Components:

DOT Collections

  • Alcohol Testing using DOT Approved Lifeloc EV 30.
  • Urine Collections/Testing. Immediate Results and Lab based
  • Hair Collections/Testing

Types of Collections/Testing

  •      Post Accident
  •      Random
  •      Reasonable Cause
  •      Return to Duty
  •      Follow-up (Post Rehab)
  •      Probation
  •      Schools – Teachers, Students, Staff      

Other Collections/Testing

  • Urine Collections/Testing. Immediate Results and Lab based
  • Hair
  • ETG/ETS 80 HOUR Testing
  • K-2 Spice Testing
  • Probation Drug Alcohol Testing
  • Court Ordered Drug/Alcohol Testing
  • School Required Testing

 Benefits of On Site’s Service include:

  • Mobile 24/7 Service area: Interstate 17 from Phoenix North to Flagstaff, I 40 West to Needles, Ca, East to Holbrook, Az , and from Needles South to Blythe, Ca. See Areas Serviced tab to locate your city or town. Other communities by request.
  • Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) by certified technicians
  • Drug screening managed and carried-out by trained staff
  • Hair Testing (tests for up to 90 days of drug use)  More and more FMCSA companies are now adding hair to their testing although it is not a requirement of the Department of Transportation.

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“Nearly 65 percent of all accidents on the job are related to use of drugs or alcohol, potentially costing companies millions of dollars each year.”

On Site Drug & Alcohol Testing Northern Arizona has the primary function of performing mobile drug screen testing, on-site collecting, and on location drug screen collections.  What this means is that we will come to your location, on location testing and perform on-site drug testing utilizing urine or hair, and or breath alcohol testing.  Our technicians have been certified to perform collections and breath alcohol testing that meets the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) regulations.


We will collect urine specimens and submit those samples to the laboratory of your choice, or if you are not established with a lab, we will send  to our lab which is a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ( SAMHSA) approved lab.  These on-site drug testing collections occur at the location(s) of your choice anywhere in Northern Arizona, USA.

Unregulated Testing:

On Site can provide instant, rapid or immediate result drug screening and or alcohol testing using an evidential alcohol testing device approved by the USDOT.  Unlike other testing methods, breath alcohol testers provide immediate results, and most importantly, breath alcohol analysis is the only accepted method for testing for use with the USDOT  Mandated Drug Testing.

FMCSA DOT Regulations 49 CFR Part 382

On Site Technician’s are Certified.